Friday, July 3, 2009

Alrighty then

Some of you may or maynot know this quirk that I possess but usually I can't read an author back to back to back it makes me burned out. Recently however, this hasn't been true. For example I read a lot and I mean A LOT of the Harry Dresdan books back to back and had no problem with them. Nalini Singh's psy books are the same way.
And recently Michelle Pillows Realm of the Immortals books are the latest obession. For example I just finished my re-read King of the Unblessed, then moved on to book 2 The Fairy Queen and I am seriously hoping to finish The Stone Queen this weekend. WHY?

B/c they are just that good. They are so good I wan to read them and know what happens to the characters OMG I have to know if Thomas is going to find anyone will William become a wizard and what of Hugh and his Queen. and let us not forget about Julianna? She turned herself to stone WHY? I mean come on people what happened that she needed to do that?

Anyway you get the point. Luckily this was exactly what I needed to get over my reading funk. Now I'm going to work on I Spy Something Bloody by Josh Lanyon YEAH!!!

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