Monday, November 10, 2008

Innocent Traitor by Alison Weir. The reason I picked this book is simple I love the Tudor time period and I have read all the historical non-fiction Ms. Weir has written on British History and I love her style of writing. So when I discovered that she was publishing a fiction book on the Lady Jane Grey I begged and pleaded with my mom for a copy and POOF I rec'd it last year. However, I just now am getting around to reading it.

So far I'm on page 21 it is jumping around from 3 different women and I am sure by the time it is done we will see more. It is flowing well and i am enjoying it. It is first person past tense of Jane's mother, the Queen (who has died so she won't be in it any longer) and Jane's nurse.

I will keep you up dated


  1. Amy said...
    Oh oh! I have this one to read too! I ADORE Alison Weir, and especially Tudor history.
    Sarai said...
    Amy: OMG yes she is a wonderful writer. I was wasn't sure I wanted to read this b/c its non-fiction but wow so good!

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