Monday, November 17, 2008

Because I am totally loving her. She is an excellent writer and really knows how to suck a reader like me (with a busy schedule in) so bad that I forget appointments. Man I love this woman! Okay so far we are a little further along. The King has died and his son being only 9 is unable to take over the throne. However, that doesn't stop all the plotting going on to get him to marry our Lady Jane Grey. And I must say for the record her mother was a horrible, horrible person. I just don't understand how a woman can be that retched to her own child.

I know it happens but dang reading her perspective is down right uncomfortable (which is why I say again Ms. Weir is an EXCELLENT writer) If you can make me feel uneasy about reading a POV from a person then you are doing a great job.

One thing I really like about this book is: the POV's are all from the women's perspective. They are told how they are the weaker sex and yet we see how they think, scheme and work to make their lives better anyway they can. I really enjoy reading how Lady Jane who is 9 see something different then the Queen who sees it differently then Lady Jane's mother, and the maid. It is a wonderful thing she has done and the odd part I don't even know how she does it. It's like having 6 different women telling me something and it flows seamless through the story!

Anyway I will let you know more as it progresses


  1. Amy said...
    When you get done with this book, you have GOT to watch LADY JANE, a movie about Jane Grey featuring Helena Bonham Carter, Patrick Stewart and Cary Elwes. I believe Frances Fisher plays Jane Grey's mother. One of my most favorite movies ever!
    Sarai said...
    Hum I will check it out. I wonder if Netflix has it? Will rent it and let you know my thoughts *wink*

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