Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I have found on a 30 minute lunch one can only read about 25 pages. Especially if those pages are so involved with different characters POVs and filled with history facts or not. So I think I am doing good. The book is really interesting and I am loving Allison Weir's style just love her writing.
Anyone who can get me to sit down and read a history book and close it with a sigh of understand is a hella good writer.

But that's beside the point. Right now I am at the part where Lady Jane Grey has just turned 7 and her parents are trying to make her the next queen of England. They are wanting her to marry King Henry's son Edward. Throughout the book they have pushed, punished and forced this little child to become a grown woman and made her understand that she is not loved. Her only job and only way to earn her parents love is to be a) a boy which didn't happen and b) the next queen (although she doesn't know it yet)

Now Jane has just met the last wife of King Henry who has decided to take the young child under her wing. The queen has noticed how little amount of love Jane has rec'd and is very put out. Alright you are caught up with me LOL I can't wait to see how Jane progresses (In real life Edward dies soon but I am wondering if Ms. Weir will keep him alive for the story sake or not? After all this is her first fiction book)


  1. little alys said...
    Fiction, yea, but Lady Jane doesn't get a happy ending. I actually liked a lot, but very sad.
    *poke poke* Bored. Read something happy. Tell me happy things. *poke*
    Sarai said...
    Um well on a happy note I have a date tonight LOL does that make you happy b/c I'm freakin out

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