Sunday, September 28, 2008

OMG I finished something

Yes that's right folks you heard correctly I finally finished a book (and the crowd goes wild) Does this mean your out of your slump Sarai? Well I'm glad you asked b/c the answer is no. I finished a short story by Nalini Singh. The title: Beat of Temptation was it good you ask? Why yes, yes it was.

I have to say one way for me to get out of this funk might be to finish Nalini Singh's books b/c that woman can right. I have loved her series from the beginning and Beat of Temptation was no exception. LOL!!

You may wonder if you have to read them in order and honestly with her series you probably should read in order to understand the complex world she has created. Now that being said you do not need to read this one in order b/c 1) it is a short story focusing on how 2 of the pack members became bonded and 2) they are already bonded in the first book so this is more of a pre-book then anything.

Okay where to start on the review. It was short and sweet. I cried yes I did and no I am not ashamed of it. This book was a quick, sweet, hard romance. I really enjoyed both characters and I understood where they both came from. If you are looking for something sweet to read check this one out.


  1. Tracy said...
    I really liked BoT! It was great to see all the past between Tam and Nate!
    Sayuri said...
    I loved this as well. Nate is super hawt! (If not a little TSTL in this..) And I love Tamsyn.

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