Sunday, September 21, 2008

Because I have been in a reading slump I am going to start posting reviews I have done over the year here in hopes it helps others find new books to read. And I hope this will help me get over the slump!!!

TITLE: Running From the Past
AUTHOR: Katie Reus

TYPE: romantic suspense

SERIES: nope

REASON FOR READING: Katie wrote it which means I must read it *g*

SUMMARY: [from Back of Book ]
Daughter of a deceased, infamous arms dealer, Emma Garcia has been running from who she is her entire life. When she witnesses a terrible crime, she goes on the run. With no family to speak of, running off isn’t what’s hard, it’s figuring out who she can trust with her secrets. Born and raised in Miami, Florida, she hides out in the last place anyone would think to look for her; a horse farm in the middle of nowhere USA. The only thing she doesn’t count on is being attracted to the rugged cowboy who owns the place. Whenever he comes around, her brain turns to mush and the only thing she can focus on is his seductive voice and sinful body.
After twelve years in the Marines, Caleb Ryder likes his quiet life as a horse breeder. Imagine his surprise when his living, breathing fantasy drops out of nowhere his in response to an ad he placed for a new chef. He knows she’s lying about her identity, but he doesn’t have the heart to turn her away. Not when she’s so obviously desperate. Half his men fall for her b/c of her cooking skills alone, but he wants all of her, including her trust. After being burned by a woman once, he doesn’t let that deter his mission to claim Emma body and heart. He wants to help her, but it’s difficult when she won’t trust him

Katie has a way of writing characters that makes you want to be best friends with both the hero and heroine. She makes you fall in love with the hero and than celebrate when he finds the one woman that he would die for. Caleb is no exception. He is strong, fierce, loving, and caring. He loves Emma and wants to shelter her from the first moment he sees of course he also wants to screw her as well. Hence the conflict now when you throw in that Emma is the daughter of an arms dealer and the pretend finance of the new dealer you have a case of romantic suspense.
Now let’s not forget about Emma she has been lied to her whole life, she was scared to get close to anyone in case they would be used against her. Now she has her freedom for the first time in her life after witnessing a horrible crime. And for the first time in her life she is going to let herself live and that involves living while being in Caleb’s arms.
I really liked Emma and Caleb they felt right for each other and they truly felt as if they belonged together. I wanted them to have the HEA and I was thrilled when the pieces came together. As I said before Emma is a girl I would love to be friends with and Caleb well Caleb is a guy I wouldn’t mind coming around to rescue me.

Was the author new to you and would you read something by this author again? Nope she isn’t new to me and YES I would buy from her anytime!

Are you keeping it or passing it on? Keeping

Did you enjoy the book? Yes

SCORE: 9 out of 10

Anything else? You can buy any of Katie’s new releases at


  1. J. Kaye Oldner said...
    WOW! I wanna read that one. :)
    Katie Reus said...
    Thanks for the review! I LOVED writing Caleb. I think he'll always hold a special place in my heart ;)
    Tracy said...
    Sounds great! Can't wait to read it!

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