Monday, September 29, 2008

Next on the List

So what's next on the reading list you ask? (You didn't I know but hey I felt bad that the blog is being ignored and this is a blog I would like to keep around)

I need to finish Sword of Darkness (which I did read about 5 pages today and I am getting frustrated that I lost that hour lunch break b/c my reading has really declined.) So that is the lunch book.

But today I just rec'd (From Sourcebooks) Hex Appeal the second book in the series by Linda Wisdom so that is a must read by the end of the week b/c it gets released on Wednesday (YEAH!!!) So I will post that review shortly *cough* more like this weekend. But you know I will post little tibits as I read.

Okay back to Sword of Darkness.

Right now I am at the part where Kerrigan has stabbed Seren b/c she woke him and in return he had her healed. After he had her healed he realized that she had made him something and now he's feeling even worse. Oh also my favorite character Blaise discovered that Seren might actually be a (well I won't give it away but it was a surprise to me if she is moment) Anywho I am beginning to see where this is heading and I am dying to know where the HEA is.

So what are you reading?


  1. Sarah said...
    I have to agree 150% on the lunch break thing. I switched jobs and apparently hospital folks only get 30 mins!!! Thats enough time to shovel my food in and thats about it. I hate this new lunch break. I miss my old hour.

    oh well. I'll find a way.. I hope!
    Tracy said...
    I'm currently reading Ill Wind by Rachel Caine. I read a review of Caine's latest Weather Warden book and decided to start at the beginning. I like it so far but it has some annyoying parts. I'm not gonna pass judgment until the end. :)

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