Thursday, September 4, 2008

I am Legend yes I am

Okay for the last few nights I have been reading I am Legend by Richard Matheson (and yes I so picked it up b/c of the movie.) And let me tell ya WOW this book is 10 times better than that stupid movie (and if you liked the movie think how great the book must be!) Seriously this book is about an everyday factory worker who happens to be immuned to a plague that is killing all those around him. Then it turns out that the plague is not just killing those around him but bringing them back to life like vampires.

So far he has been alone for 3 years and has discovered through research that the plague is really that a plague that gives the effects of vampire like symptoms. This blows his mind b/c all along he believed them to be real vampires. Add to it his wife turned into one and the only reason his little girl didn't was due to the government taking her body and burning her. Seriously folks this is a GREAT book. Just reading how he survived (an everyday joe like you and me surviving the night when the vampires came to his house calling him out, tauting him wanting to kill him) And then every day he went out and killed them just to remain sane. Not to mention that he didn't talk to anyone for 3 whole years!!!!

Oh and the dog scene seriously broke my heart b/c in the book it is so much more. OMG I am tearing up just thinking about it.

I am at the part where he has met a woman (supposely like him but he has some serious doubt that after all this time there is another ) he has told her everything he has learned and then WHAM she knocks him out cold and disappears leaving behind a letter. (turns out she really is) Okay that's all I'm telling I refuse to ruin it (and I am only half way through)
Great book!!!


  1. Melissa Blue said...
    I wasn't very interested in the movie, but now I'm interested in reading the book. Well, usually the book is always better than the movie anyway.
    Carolyn Jean said...
    I was always worried this book would be so depressing!!
    Sarai said...
    yeah well it is depressing don't get me wrong. However, it is still a great read
    Maria said...
    I really liked the I Am Legend movie. The book sounds really good and much more captivating! The dog scene was terrible :'[

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