Monday, September 15, 2008

New BOOK finally!!!

Okay I just started Sword of Darkness last night by Kinley MacGregor who happens to also write under Sherrilyn Kenyon (for those of you who don't know that would be the dark hunter series that I LOVE) Anywho last night I got 4 chapters in and WOW I am digging her take on the Arthur legend.

Let me see... okay here's the summary from goodreads.

The new king of Camelot wears no shining armor: Arthur and his knights have fallen and a new king rules.
In the darkest forest...
A scared, forsaken youth has become the most powerful –– and feared –– man in the world. Ruthless and unrestrained, Kerrigan has long ceased to be human.
In the heart of London...
A spirited peasant mired in drudgery, Seren dreams of becoming her own woman, but never expects that by fleeing her fate, she will meet her destiny.
Their worlds are forever changed...
Kerrigan's goal is simple: barter or kill Seren to claim Arthur's Round Table. Yet she is the one person who holds no fear of him. More than that, her nobility sparks something foreign inside him. In his nether realm, kindness is weakness and a king who harbors any sort of compassion loses his throne.
For countless centuries, Kerrigan has lived alone in the shadows. Now Seren's courage has forced him into the light that will bring either salvation to both of them...or death
Now seeing how I am only in chapter 4 I really don't have any major thoughts except that this looks to be like a typical SK hero/heroine set up. They are evenly matched and she is normal while he has magical powers. I am enjoying it so far but keep in mind I am a HUGE Arthur buff!


  1. Aymless said...
    WooHoo... I have Gabriel's Ghost in my cue as next! *wink*

    I liked this spin on the Arthurian legend. The concept of Merlin was particularly interesting.

    I hope you continue to like it. I was a bit disappointed that she only wrote two in this series (well, so far that is)
    Sarai said...
    Crap only 2? Well dang it I was hoping it would turn into another Dark Hunter series.

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