Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hunger Games

OMG what a fantastic book! I'm totally suprised, enthralled and dying to read the next one. This book grabbed you from page one sucking you into their world. The world that might come. The Hunger Games is a brutal game the Capital puts on it involves 2 children ages 12 thru. 18 that are randomly choosen through a lottery. These children, one boy and one girl, compete in a game to the death. Winner is rewarded with prizes, money and are set for life. Looser well they die.

This book has it all, action, reaction, drama, emotion, laughter and of course the heart of the story is about a young girl dealing with all of this.

I know this isn't my traditional review but I have to say this book was a very good, fast and enjoyable read I hope you check it out.


  1. Jill Sorenson said...
    This was my favorite of the year. Can't recommend it enough!
    Sarai said...
    I was totally shocked and completely blown away by this book I have to go to borders tonight to get the 2nd one
    Renee said...
    Loved Hunger Games! I listened to the audiobook (an excellent production) and currently have Catching Fire out from the library.
    Hope you enjoy book 2! :-)
    prashant said...
    Can't recommend it enough!

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