Tuesday, December 15, 2009

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Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. So far doing pretty good I have admit you do get sucked into this world. I am really digging the fact that this is North America in the future (according to this author) and I must admit I'm glad I'm not there. I know for a fact I would get picked and I wouldn't win LOL. Oh well, its a great book to get me started back in on reading.
Here's a blurb from a website about the book: Each year in the ruins of North America, 24 teenagers are forced to enter The Hunger Games. Only the winner survives. Every moment is televised.
Does District Twelve's 16-year-old contender stand a chance?
Sounds good doesn't it...
Has anyone read this one? Like I said I'm only to chapter 3 I think where our heroine takes the place of her younger sister (and seriously I'm hoping that's not a give away...) Anyway that's as far as I've gotten anyone else?

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  1. Niki M said...
    I am glad to say that I am done with this book thanks to you, and I am in love with it and cant wait to read the next Catching Fire!!

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