Sunday, October 11, 2009

Since I am way beyond a fangirl stance with Harry Dresdan and Jim Butcher I don't feel I can give a good review so in instances like this I have choosen to instead give you my favorite quotes through out the book. Enjoy!

Thomas shook his head. "I doubt it. Or Justine woudn't have chosen to meet us here." Unless she'd been forced to do so, I thought to myself. I didn't say anything. I like to stay cozy with my paranoia, not pass her around to my friends and family. pg 49

I love being a Wizard everyday is like Disneyland. pg. 391

"Not my...augh." I threw another pencil. It missed Bob and bounced off the wall behind him. "With the skinwalker. Is it actually a male? Do I call it a he?" Bob rolled his eyelights. "It's a semidivine imortal, Harry. It doesn't procreate. It has no need to recombine DNA. That means that gender simply doesn't apply. That's something only you meat sacks worry about." "Then why is it that you stare at naked girls every chance you get," I said, "but not naked men?" "It's an aesthetic choice," Bob said loftily. "As a gender, women exist on a plane far beyond men when it comes to artistic appreciation of their external beauty." "And they have boobs," I said. "And they have boobs!" Bob agreed with a leer. (can't find page but trust me its in there!)

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  1. LesleyW said...
    I have GOT to start reading the Dresden books again. I stopped when they got a UK publisher as it became difficult to get them over here. Maybe that will be one of my reading resolutions for 2010. :)

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