Wednesday, December 31, 2008

last night and made it all the way to page 160. Few side notes I'm not happy with... In the first book Lady Jane Grey, Elizabeth was mentioned a lot on how Jane and her would interact. Why is it that in this book they don't even meet until page 141 right before the death of Henry the 8 or if they did meet it isn't brough to our attention until then?

Also there are two parts to the story the first part is a telling as if a story teller is sitting in front of us retelling a story of Elizabeth. In the first book she had different POV so that we could really feel like we the reader was in the mind of the person speaking. This feels a little odd. I prefer the POVs simply b/c I feel disconnected with Elizabeth and I really wanted that close connection with her like I had with Jane.

Particularly when King Henry dies. I would have liked to see what Weir thought Elizabeth was thinking or going through instead it felt like I was reading yet another history book on the topic. Not to mention but didn't Elizabeth have small pox at one point or does that come later? If so it is completely skipped her but I would have swore I heard that somewhere?

Other than these few little things I am still enjoying the book and can't wait to see what Elizabeth goes through in the second half.


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