Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Lady Flees

So got a new book from Sourcebook. This one is about a rich lady who is overweight and married the handsome Lord thinking he was in love with her. Turns out he was using her for her money. When she discovers that he is basically going to sell her around to his friends for fun she flees. On her way of fleeing she is handed a child and told that the mother is applying for work. Turns out the woman just fleaced our heroine.
SO now she is not only fleeing an abusive husband but also fleeing with a child trying to pretend to be a war widow.
That's great until the Lord on the manor she is living at returns and starts having the hots for her. And wouldn't you know it she likes him to.

The book is good I am at the part where the Lord of the mannor is trying to spend more time with her and yet he knows something is not right. In other words he knows she is hiding something and he wants to know what. At the same time he is attracted to her but doesn't feel as if he is worthy of her love in return.
I am liking the book the only issue I can see coming up is the lying. This whole time she has lied to him about a husband that doesn't exist that died in a war that the hero fought in. The whole reason he is respecting her at this point is b/c her husband was a brave fellow and a fellow fighter. Also she is still married and if I'm not mistaken marriages don't get dissolved that easily. And since she was unable to get pregant with the VILE husband I am betting the first time the hero and Heroine hook up she will get knocked up (typical romance ploy) so then is the baby going to be a bastard????
Anyway I will update you as I read. I am hoping to have a review up by Friday and Michele was gracious enough to answer some of my many, many questions so I will post her interview as well.

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  1. Tracy said...
    Sounds interesting. I hate the lying thing too. I'll be interested to see how it ends.

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