Thursday, October 2, 2008

Started another book

Still working on the first I swear. However, I have officially started Hex Appeal and I have to say it is SUPER cute. So far me likes what me sees and I regret that I am giving up my copies (go to other blog to enter the coolest contest on the planet)

Anyway I am about half way through and I am starting to remember the first book and the reasons I liked it so much. I like Jazz and I really, really like Nick! (side note: Nick is a freakin' hot alpha guy that loves his Jazzy (sidenote within sidenote: yes this is my new nickname for her) for her and her quirks) K where was I? oh yeah this started off with one really HOT sex scene that turned out not to be a sex scene but a really bad nightmare.

You see Nick is a vampire and in the dream he and Jazz are having great sex and then WHAM he rips her throat out. Well as you can image Jazz wakes up madder than hell that he would do this and Nick has no idea what is going on. SO she leaves only to have fluff and puff (holy terror bunny slippers) accused of killing a carnie guy (not really a guy more like a were weasel) anyway the story progresses from there. (and that was just the first 20 pages or so)

I will give you more as I go right now I am Really tired so anywho the short end is Jazz is figuring out that this is a dream but she doesn't know why she is having them...

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