Friday, January 15, 2010


I finished Playing with Fire by Katie MacAlister!
Of course it happened to be a book I didn't like so that doesn't bode well for the start of the reading year. Let me see I did enjoy seeing the old cast from previous books but for some reason this new spin off series just struck me wrong. I hated that the main character had no backbone until the end when she knew she shouldn't do but OMG what else can I do. Let's not listen to anyone nor let them try to help me b/c I am right. Which you may or maynot be aware of this but I hate those types of females.

Then when you add to it that she can't keep herself from screwing him every time she sees him b/c of that attraction even though she is "so worried" about her twin being kidnapped and the trail running short but wait we have pleanty of time to screw before looking for it.
IDK this book just did absolutely nothing for me. I pushed through it b/c I thought that maybe just maybe it would get better or back to the writing style that I love from this author but instead it just got worse and then ended in a cliff hanger which I assume is so you will buy the next in the series. Which I did before even reading this. I now regret that purchase. So I'm thinking of a contest not sure what kind but I'm thinking of one to get rid of this series and to see if others agree or disagree with me.

Final Grade: C


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